I saw you on my dash, so sure I noticed ;) I hope you're back for good ;)  

maybe i will!!!! :D

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DH meme → [1 Favorite Character]: Edie Britt
                                                 One of a kind.

Tom and Lynette
Some marriages were built to last.
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I am an attractive man. You know what, I have never told you this but sometimes when I bend down to pick up the morning paper, I catch Bree Van de Kamp checking me out. I’ve always exuded a certain sexual magnetism and as I get older I think it is only becoming more intense. Oh, I am a hot guy…living in a neighborhood filled with nothing but lonely ladies. They can’t help themselves.

We all have moments of desperation. If we can face them head-on, that’s when we find out how strong we really are.

You're back <3  

YEAAAAAAAAAAAH! (i’ll try atleast)

so happy you noticed! :DD

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